Taylormade Digital.
Your digital partner.

Our Values

Our core values convey what we as a business want to provide to our clients. It makes our customers happy and our designs stunning. Taylormade Digital was set up to support small businesses get online and engage with their audiences on a different dimension however, we’re happy to provide digital creations to anyone who want to refresh their online appearance.

Who we are.


Creative Manager

Taylormade Digital was founded by Jay Taylor in 2016 as a web design company built for small businesses and individuals. Anything from digital design to company management, Jay leads the company and he will be the first point of contact for any inquires or projects.

Our Process

Find out what you’re getting when you choose us, click through the process we go through when we design our websites to find out more.

This is where we listen and learn about you, your business and your digital vision. We’ll go through the package you’ve decided to go for and get the design, layout and content ideas down on paper. We’ll cover everything you want to know and want at this point and answer any of your questions.
Made entirely up from the conversations of the consultation, you’ll receive a Taylormade Digital Design Brief which outlines the scope, functionality and design of your new website. This will also define the pages and sections on each page and the cost for the project.
Now that we’ve got the details in place, we start making a mock up draft of your website with your vision in mind. We’ll consider everything from colour scheme, font style, content and layout to make sure we’re in-line with how you want your corner of the web to look. We’ll go over the mock ups with you and refine/alter them accordingly until we have your approval.
We now get to work on making your creation to your specifications. We will implement the design in WordPress, the most widely used and reliable framework on the web today. Once the build is complete we test the website to make sure it runs smoothly on all kinds of devices, also we’ll iron out any creases before showing you the finished product.
Once everyone is happy with the design, we’ll show you how to use your new, shiny website and if you’re hosting with us, put it on display for everyone to see. We also offer packages for making alterations and content management after the website is launched.

That’s it! Easy, right?

The amount of time spent on each phase of the process depends on the package you decide on and your budget but we’ll make sure we’re there to support you every step of the way.